The Art of Public Speaking

Categories: Management, Skills
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Instructor: Eric Edmeades, Mindvalley Talks


In the first part of his talk “How To Become A Master In The Art of Public Speaking,” Eric Edmeades shares anecdotes from his own experiences to illustrate the importance and impact of effective communication. He recounts a frantic speaking engagement in Poland, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and presence. Edmeades reflects on overcoming his fear of public speaking, offering insights into the transformative power of effective oration on personal and professional relationships. By citing historical examples, such as President Roosevelt’s use of radio to connect with the public, Edmeades underscores the profound influence of good communication skills. He concludes with practical advice on building confidence and the importance of full engagement and authenticity in public speaking. Edmeades, a renowned business speaker and mentor, provides a blend of humor and real-life lessons to encourage aspiring speakers to embrace and develop their public speaking abilities.

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Public Speaking

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