Management Accounting

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Instructor: Tony Bell


In a comprehensive 10-hour video course on management accounting, the creator, an experienced professional previously working as an auditor, delves into various modules covering essential topics. The course emphasizes understanding the significance of management accounting in business operations, distinguishing between managerial accounting and other functions, and maintaining professional integrity. Throughout the course, the instructor employs practical examples and calculations, guiding learners through concepts such as material and labor costs, overhead allocation, variance analysis, budgeting, and decision-making based on relevant costs. Real-world scenarios and case studies, including comparisons between traditional costing systems and activity-based costing, are utilized to illustrate key principles. The course culminates in addressing constrained resource problems, highlighting the application of management accounting in addressing operational challenges. With a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, the course offers a comprehensive understanding of management accounting for learners seeking to enhance their proficiency in the field.

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Management Accounting

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