Fundamentals of Finance and Economics

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Instructor: Sriram,


Sriram has crafted a comprehensive video course titled “Fundamentals of Finance & Economics for Businesses – Crash Course,” delving into the intricate realms of finance and economics, aiming to equip learners with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions and understand global economies. Originally taught in person, Sriram’s course now offers practical insights and theoretical foundations, covering topics ranging from investment principles to market analysis. Through the course, viewers gain an understanding of concepts such as return on investment (ROI), stock and bond markets, financial statements analysis, SWOT analysis, and capital budgeting, among others. Additionally, the course explores contemporary issues like ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) criteria in evaluating businesses and the distinction between systematic and unsystematic risks in investment. Sriram emphasizes the importance of ethical and informed investing, providing guidance on navigating alternative investments responsibly. Through this comprehensive course, Sriram aims to empower learners to navigate the complex landscape of finance and economics with confidence.

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Fundamentals of Finance and Economics

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